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The Coral Reef Rescue Project

Out where stars carpet the sky, where the only sounds are lapping waves, another kind of star reaches from the seafloor. One, two, a tapestry of star coral, building a reef, protecting the coast. Until one day… a white wound appeared… an infection spread. Tap! Tap! Scientists gently pried away pieces of coral to study.… Continue reading The Coral Reef Rescue Project

Fall Frenzy 2021

When I looked at the Fall Frenzy inspiration pictures, an idea came to me and a story just poured out. I’ve worked hard on it though. I’ve spent entirely too much time editing. And editing in rhyme…. y’all, it’s the worst. I don’t want to kill my darlings! Fall Frenzy rules: Write 200 words or… Continue reading Fall Frenzy 2021

One Grain of Sand

Did you know that a lot of the sand in Florida is quartz and originated in the Appalachian Mountains during the Paleozoic Era? #Kidlit

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